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Griffiths Brothers Tasting: Sat 26th

Griffiths Brothers Tasting: Sat 26th

On Saturday 26th we welcome the Griffiths Brothers, makers of Cold Distilled Gin.

In their own words:

We’re a family owned distillery based in the Buckinghamshire village of Penn Street. Our goal is simple. To bring modern distilling techniques to the place where we grew up.

We’ve always loved the craft of gin making. For us it’s about the excitement of capturing new flavour combinations in a pure, crystal clear spirit. And by applying science and technology we think we’ve found the perfect blend of craft and quality.

By distilling slowly at low temperatures Griffiths Brothers are able to capture a brighter, more natural taste from the botanicals used in their recipes. The low temperature means the real flavour is captured, rather than cooked.


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