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FREE Toast In The Garden Kitchen

FREE Toast in the Garden Kitchen

That’s right, every weekday morning we are offering all of our lovely customers FREE TOAST in our now gorgeously sunny conservatory-style café, The Garden Kitchen. What’s not to love?

You are entitled to 2 pieces of toast (stock allowing!) with any hot drink, between the hours of half 8 and 10:30am. Some days we will be serving Tiger Toast, others Danish Poppy, sometimes Organic White, others Low GI Multi-seed.. because behind every great bread is an even better toast.

We will also be offering Toast Lovers a chance to try some delicious jams and marmalades from our Farm Shop to accompany their toast, with new flavours regularly coming to the Breakfast Table. We’ll sample some sticky, tasty, local honey too.

If you ask nicely, I’m even sure there’s some Marmite knocking around. Because, if you love Marmite, we know you aren’t having your toast without it..

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