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New Jerseys: The UK’s Favourite New Potato

New Jerseys: The UK’s Favourite New Potato

New Season Jersey Royal potatoes are now available to purchase from our Farm Shop! This is the first harvest of these delicious spuds so make sure you pick some up next time you visit. They are very nutritious too, with Vitamins B, C and fibre.

Did you know that other plants contribute to the Jersey Royal’s delicious flavour? Seaweed, or ‘Vraic’ as the locals call it, has been used as a natural fertiliser for centuries, and is collected off the Jersey beaches by farmers in the low-tide. A lot of the work is still done by hand to this day, as the potatoes often grow on slopes, inaccessible to machinery.

Taste the effort, taste the heritage and toast the coastal countryside of Great Britain with New Season Jersey Royal Potatoes!

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