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The Quirk’s Animal Roadshow

The Quirk’s Animal Roadshow

We were very excited for the visit of The Quirk’s Animal Roadshow, which took place on Thursday, and for good reason! The roadshow was extremely popular with both adults and children, as the interactive nature of the show brought the animals into a new perspective, closer than ever before, arousing excitement and allaying fears.

Visitors are encouraged to gently handle the critters. Luke, who runs the show extremely professionally, is as educative as he is enthusiastic, and he really knows how to look after his scaly friends. At one point one of his lizards looked to be daring a Great Escape, only for a single whispered word to make the lizard relax!

Luke has a Corn Snake, a Bearded Lizard, a Panther Chameleon, and an Orange-Kneed Mexican Tarantula, to name but a few of his exotic menagerie. If you missed it this time, don’t worry! The Quirks will be back at Sheeplands this Thursday 12th April 12-3pm.

See you then!

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