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Hare Hatch Plant Nursery

was started in 1993 on The Floral Mile. Since then we have grown, nurtured and reared thousands, if not millions, of beautiful plants.

Our passion and expertise goes back over 45 years. At Hare Hatch we are also proud to display and sell a wide variety of succulent plants, including a part of the National Collection.

And yes, we talk to them too.

Cacti & Succulents

At Sheeplands, We specialise in growing beautiful and enigmatic succulent plants, including agaves, aloes, cacti, crassulas and mesembryanthemums. We also grow gasterias and haworthias that are part of the National Collection.

If you are interested by the plants, would like to know more, or would like to purchase some to kick-start you own collection, then pay us a visit today. The plants are all for sale, and will not disappoint your curiosity. Don’t hesitate to ask a member of our friendly staff for more information.

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