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Autumn Bedding & New Succulents

Autumn Bedding & New Succulents

It’s all happened in a whirlwind and already we are eager to get our hands on some more beautiful plants for our homes and gardens. If summer flowers represent a unique combination of brashness and whimsy, Autumn flowers inspirit hardy defiance. An abundance of pansies is a sight to cure any post-summertime blues. One hot & heady season is winding down but we have been busy preparing for the next; we have been growing Autumn Bedding in our nursery and it will be ready for sale in September.

This will include:

Basket Plants

Customers can purchase the pansies & violas in 6 packs, at the price of £3.99. They are also available for the multi-buy price of 3 packs for £10!


As well as the new bedding, in Autumn the Plant Team will be introducing new ultram online There are, without a doubt, many ways of treating physical pain lines of exciting succulents, some of which we haven’t sold before. All the propagation in the summer has been a success, and the new plants are rooting and looking happy and healthy!

New Echeverias, Aeoniums, Cacti & many more beautiful plants will be included. If you want the chance to find the perfect plant for your arrangement or collection, or that rare one you can show off to your friends, then don’t hang about! Once they are gone they are gone..

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