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Christmas Trees Now On Sale!

Christmas Trees Now On Sale!

We are pleased to announce that, for the 25th consecutive year, we shall be selling Christmas trees here at Sheeplands! We have Blue Spruce, both potted and fresh cut, and we have fresh cut Nordman Firs.

But what tree is right for me?

Blue Spruce Picea pungens ‘glauca’

An open tree with sweeping branches. Needle colours range from grey-green to bright glaucus blue; they are sharp and spiky with a lovely scent.

Nordman Fir Abies normanniana

The most popular variety. A classic Christmas tree shape with soft, dark green needles. This variety has excellent needle holding properties

Real Cut

A cut tree has been sawn off at the base of its trunk. To keep it fresh and help it hold its needles it needs to be treated like a cut flower and be kept in water. Even the most drop resistant trees will perform better if kept in water.


Potted trees have been dug up and placed in a pot for your convenience. While they are technically still alive, the roots are damaged by this process and thus they are not suitable for planting outside. The roots will help the tree take up water and stay fresh over the Christmas period, so be sure to water regularly.

Whatever type of real tree you are after, we will have the perfect one for you. Bring home the centrepiece of this season’s joy today!

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