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NEW: Succulent Hanging Baskets

NEW: Succulent Hanging Baskets

As you may or may not be aware, succulents are kind of a big deal at Sheeplands! We have been growing them here in the UK for over 50 years and have an unparalleled selection of these exotic, succulent plants on display and for sale.

Some enchanting indoor baskets are the newest addition to the succulents for sale here, having come on nicely in the long, hot summer. These plants are exceptionally easy to care for, and make the perfect house plants! They can also be hung outside during the Summer.
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The Premium Baskets:

Sedum morganianum (also known as Donkey’s Tail due to its appearance) and Senecio rowleyanus (also known as string-of-pearls); both beautiful as pot plants, and breathtaking as baskets. These particular plants are perfect for baskets as they grow quickly and look their best when trailing.

The Sedum is native to Mexico and Honduras & grown here in the UK
The Senecio is native to the dry landscapes of Southwest Africa and grown here in the UK

Available as planter or basket. £14.99. Limited stock only.

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