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Planning News

Planning News

We have some exciting news!

 Christmas is coming to Sheeplands again this year, although we could use a little help from you to make it even better.

Santa has already been in touch to ask about our arrangements and
we told him we have plans for the entire business, including plants,
Christmas trees, decorations, food delights and entertainment for
the whole family.

How can you help us? Well, we have put four small planning applications in to Wokingham Borough Council that we believe will enhance your customer experience.

So, if you could please write to the council in support of the following applications, we would be very grateful – and so would Father Christmas!

Below are the relevant application numbers for site improvements. You can see the details of our plans on the council’s website.

When you write you should quote the number you are writing about as follows.

Rain Canopy – 191517
Cafe Seating – 191518Timber
Storage – 191519Service
Yard – 19152 

Your comments should be sent to or

Thank you in anticipation of your loyal support.
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