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Pre-School Music Club

Pre-School Music Club

Join us for these professionally orchestrated and superbly fun sessions designed to give littl’uns their first experiences with creating sounds and music, whilst facilitating a state of happiness and mental well-being.

While these sessions are primarily fun and engaging for the child, the psychological benefits of musical interaction are numerous as the child’s young mind develops; they will be learning so much whilst playing –

Engaging with musical instruments develops hand-eye coordination, reactions, movement, spatial-awareness, improvisation and creativity.

The sessions promote musical understanding which in turn helps with understanding of language and speech, and the ability to control ones own voice.

There are a multitude of social benefits to these sessions, too, for both the parents and the children. Children will learn about taking turns and sharing, as well as leading an conducting. They will develop confidence by making choices and will establish friendships. Like-minded parents can meet and socialise over coffee too!

Taught by Alex Clarke BA MA from the Berkshire School of Music, The children will be in safe and highly skilled hands. Please contact Alex on 07414675859 to book into a future session or for more information. Attendance will cost £5

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