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A Legal & Planning Update

A Legal & Planning Update


Much has happened in planning terms over the last few years.  As you all know a High Court injunction last July forced us to reduce our site. Since then we have been working tirelessly in order to increase our nursery production and to deliver many more tasty delights in the farm shop and café. We want to take this opportunity thank you for your unfaltering support.

The most recent planning exchanges have not been publicised by us, as we have been so busy – mainly with the watering in this record-melting summer – so here is an update of this year’s matters as well as an opportunity to join us for the next stage of our journey… can you write to the Planning Inspectorate to support us?

We received a summons regarding Wokingham Borough Council’s intended prosecution of Rob Scott and and the proprietors of the concessions with which we shared Sheeplands. The first stage of response was to argue that the prosecution was in fact an Abuse of Process: we alleged that Wokingham Borough Council was misusing the court process.

We are pleased to say that Rob & co were completely vindicated by Her Honour, Judge Angela Morris. Whilst indicating the court had no jurisdiction over the Enforcement Notice, The Judge stated in her summation ‘That the situation so offends the court’s sense of justice that it must stay the proceedings to protect the integrity of the criminal justice system’. Strong words against the actions of Wokingham Borough Council in relation to Hare Hatch Sheeplands.

Wokingham Borough Council, however, have appealed the decision and now we must await the news as to whether the appeal has been accepted.


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