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Sheeplands Sunday Roast

Sheeplands Sunday Roast

Summer giving way to Autumn can be a tough time. It’s a wee bit darker outside, the wind is biting, and the fallen leaves duly perform their dolorous dance as our minds wander toward roast chestnuts and open fires.

It’s worth remembering then that there are loads of things that are GREAT about the changing seasons.. and one of them is a Sunday Roast! Let’s be honest, no one can truly say that they like filling themselves up with warm, rich food when it’s 30 odd degrees outside. Now, however, even the thought of tender meat and piping hot gravy is enough to lift one’s spirits.

So this is where we come in. The Garden Kitchen here at Sheeplands are putting on a Proper Roast Dinner ever single Sunday, and each week there will be a choice of two different Main Events. All of the meals are served with roasties, a Yorkshire pud, a medley of steamed vegetables, stuffing and as much gravy as is your preference. We are also a licensed restaurant, which means you can enjoy your Sunday Roast with a pint or a glass of wine, as you might fancy in the pub or indeed at home. Buy roaccutane online Some common moisturizing skin care ingredients include aloe, shea butter, essential fatty acids (EFA), and avocado oil.

the portions are generous and the food is delicious and homemade. The meat is our own locally sourced Butcher’s Best, and all of the vegetables come fresh from our Farm Shop too.

We also happily cater for vegetarians and vegans and can specially prepare roasts if pre-booked.

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