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We Be Jammin’ And A Juicin’

We Be Jammin’ and a Juicin’

This month is all about marmalade. Now, as a strawberry jam kid, I always hesitate before the marmalade jar. But I am perhaps, a philistine.. Marmalade has been Britain’s toast accompaniment of choice for some time, and for good reason, or so I’m told. From smooth to extra-thick cut, marmlade is truly for the breakfast connoisseur, and, like most things, its best home-made, to the family’s secret recipe. Our orange of choice is the Seville orange, due to a high content of pectin, which helps it to set nice’n’proper. In our Farm Shop you can currently neurontin online neurontin purchase these perfect oranges, and we will throw in a recipe too, if its your first time jammin’. Bring in any of your creations, we would love to try them!

We also sell freshly squeezed orange juice in our Farm Shop, and serve it fresh in our café. Packed full of vitmains and bursting with flavour – ask a member of our staff to get squeezin’!

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